French Group trip to Lyon 2019 Day 4

OCTOBER. 11, 2019

Sunday 6th October – Resistance Museum, Amphitheatre and Traboules.

First stop today was the Museum of the Resistance. This museum turned out to be better than I thought it would be and I wished we had more time to look round but we had plenty planned for the day. An excuse maybe to return to Lyon another time. We viewed the 45 minute edited version of the trial of the man known as ‘The Butcher of Lyon’, Klaus Barbie of the SS who was responsible for the deaths and deportation of many men and women of the resistance and of Jewish people. A very thought provoking experience.

Resistance museum
A basement in the museum set up as a basement printing press would have been during the occupation. The resistance would have used such a press to produce anti-Nazi leaflets.
Resistance museum

We then went via the funicular back up to the area known as Vieux Lyon to visit the Roman Amphitheatre, we had to have a quick look round the amphitheatre as we needed to get back down to the lower level streets to get some lunch and then be ready to get the tour we had booked for the Traboule (Tunnels) in the old town.

Roman amphitheatre

The 2 hour tour was very interesting but, as predicted, we had some rain which came on quite strong toward the end of the tour. The lady provided us all with little electronic receivers and headphones which meant we could still hear her even though she got some way ahead of the group.

Vieux Lyon from the funicular
The 2 hour Traboule tour.
Inside Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Inside a traboule looking up
Vince trying to hide.
...and then it started raining.
.. and got worse by the end of the day.

The day was finished off with a meal in a restaurant called Comptoir Les Gones.

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