French Group trip to Lyon 2019 Day 3

OCTOBER. 09, 2019

Saturday 5th October – Beaux Arts, Halles Paul Bocusse and Confluence.

First stop today was the Place des Terreaux and the Beaux Arts Museum.

On the Metro.
The Beaux Arts museum
The Beaux Arts Museum

We followed up the art museum with the Halles Paul Bocusse which proved quite difficult to find and not helped with Google maps taking us round in circles. The food market was very busy and we split up to find somewhere to eat.

Liz and I left Catherine and Diana sampling oysters and we eventually got to the end of the hall and found a fish restaurant where Paul and Lin had just found a seat. We took the seats beside them and had crevettes which were delicious.

Halles Paul Bocusse.
Halles Paul Bocusse.
Halles Paul Bocusse.

We then went back to the tram and travelled south down to the Confluence museum. The museum is a great architectural marvel and even though I went in I only travelled around the inside studying the building and went up on the roof for some photography.

Liz went round the exhibitions but then I went outside down to nearly where the rivers meet and sat on the wall. I set up my mini tripod and took quite a number of photos of the building and even caught a wedding taking place.

Inside the Confluence museum.
Inside the confluence museum.
The view of the Rhone from the top of  the Confluence.
River Rhone
Where the Rhone and Saone rivers meet south of the Confluence
The confluence where the Rhone and Saone meet.
Underneath the Confluence museum
The museum from the south
The bride

After leaving the museum we went back to the hotel. The hotel restaurant was closed again tonight but the staff gave us a recommendation for a local Scicilian restaurant which turned out to be very good.

The bar at the hotel Charlemagne
The hotel bar area.
In the Scicilian restaurant
In the Scicilian restaurant.

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