Africa 2019 Part 4

Day 7 and 8.

Day 7 – The Serengeti.

An early start again. Getting up at 05:30. But is it worth it, you bet, and this from someone who isn’t a morning person. Away from camp by 7 after getting our packed lunch from the guys at the camp.

This is a great camp. The tent is great with an en-suite toilet and shower. The food was great and everyone was so cheerful.

Early morning and we spotted (excuse the pun) some spotted hyena.
This lion had just been drinking out of the stream and had water dripping from his mouth.
I was very lucky to get this shot of a lion jumping a stream.
A Pied Avocet.
Reaching for the most succulent parts of the tree!

Two Giraffe sparing.

On the kopje (Dutch word for a small hill. Pronounced as ‘copy’)

Kopje Cats!

The Team!

Such a beautiful country!


More lions up trees!


black rhino

Wildebeest and in the distance, just below the kopje is a black rhino, The black rhino has been poached almost to extinction so we were very lucky to see one. We actually ended up seeing three!


A kopje. It’s amazing how, in such a flat landscape you suddenly come across one of these outcrops of rock!


One of the most elusive big cats, the leopard. Seen here up a tree with it’s kill of a baby zebra. You can just see the stripes of the zebra on the right of the photo.


The last morning looking out of our tent. It’s been a fantastic few days!

Day 8 – Leaving the Serengeti.

I think I can say that we were all sad at the prospect of leaving this fantastic place but we are starting a new adventure on the spice island of Zanzibar. We’re flying out of a dirt airstrip on the Serengeti on a direct flight to Zanzibar International airport. This small Cessna Caravan is about a 12 seater and we have had a 15kg luggage limit on this leg of the journey. It was though a great part of the trip as we got to fly over, at a low altitude, all the areas of the Ngorongoro and Serengeti that we had been driving round.

Heading out to the plane on the dirt airstrip on the Serengeti.

Flying over the rim of the Ngorongoro crater.

Flying over Lake Manyara where we were a few days ago.

Leaving the coast of mainland Tanzania behind and heading toward our next adventure on the spice island of Zanzibar.

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