London-The City-The Streets Part 1

Part 1 – Nightime London

I do enjoy strolling around a city photographing the buildings and the people all rushing around at their own business. I’m fortunate that I have London on my doorstep. Well, maybe not quite the doorstep but an easy 30 minute train ride away.

I’ve had a few trips into London over the last few years. Often starting with a trip to a gallery or exhibition. The first photograph is taken at night from the north bank of the Thames near Tate Britain and looking over toward the south bank.

Looking south over the Thames

One of the trips was with some fellow members of the local camera club. I had researched the location for some night photography but what I had seen was a bridge of Royal Victoria Docks. What I hadn’t appreciated though was the height of this bridge which one had to get up to with a lift. It makes sense when you think about it as it’s designed to allow tall ships to move under. It was ideal though to set up our tripods for some photography of Canary Wharf with the sun setting.

The bridge over Royal Victoria Docks.
The O2 arena in the settings sun
The setting sun behind Royal Victoria Docks.
Canary Wharf across Royal Victoria Docks

At other times I’ve walked along the Southbank and photographed from the Millennium Bridge toward the east.

The Thames and the Shard looking east from the Millennium Bridge.

Another favourite is to set up the camera on a tripod on the Millennium Bridge and capture the ghostly apparitions of people walking across toward St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s because of having to use a slow shutter speed that the moving people are caught in this way.

St Paul’s Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge

Another favourite spot is just east of the northern ramp of London Bridge. There is a point where there is a staircase to an elevated point to photograph the Shard south, across the river. There is the added bonus of a triangular feature. Not sure what it is but it makes for a nice foreground interest.

South to the Shard from east of London Bridge.

On a more recent trip I’ve searched out the Roupell Street Conservation area, which is an area of Victorian Terraces which have fought off the advances of developers and preserved the area as it was in the 19th century. I wanted to capture the area at night for some additional character.

Theed Street, one of the streets within the Roupell Street Conservation area.

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