Graffiti to Art

JUNE. 28, 2019

Some years ago all you would see would be humorous or socio-political scribblings on walls of someone trying to make a point. In America it probably all started by being applied to the side of trains in the 1920s and 1930s.
Over a number of years however the original graphical scribblings on the walls have been transformed to a more colourful and artistic form.

Initially illegal with a constant battle going on between the artist and the authorities it has now in some cases been given the seal of approval. In some areas, walling been given for the artist to create their works of art on a more permanent basis.

These are some of my photos taken around Europe.


Abandoned Hotel Belangaria, Trudos Mountains, Cyprus.
A political statement? - Abandoned Hotel Belangaria, Trudos Mountains, Cyprus.
Cyprus for the locals - Abandoned Hotel Belangaria, Trudos Mountains, Cyprus.
Wall art - Nicosia, Cyprus.


Wall art - Heidelberg, Germany.


Wall Art - St Nazaire, France
Wall art - Nantes.

Getting close to home now with some wall art taken in Camden, London.

Camden, London.
Camden, London
Camden, London
Camden, London.
Camden, London.

In more recent years too the work has moved from the public domain and has been seen more in galleries. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad move though. I leave the reader to form their own opinion.


More Banksy in Amsterdam.