Details in the countryside.

Another lockdown day walk; 3.5 miles around a village called Wareside.

There’s some beautiful countryside around here!
A lovely little village with a very nice little pub with it’s own micro brewery. Unfortunately, closed at the moment!

I do like to have a bit of a plan so for today I thought I’d go for some details within the countryside. I took my Lumix GX8 camera with the Leica f1.4 lens so that I could get some bokeh in the background. I also took an old film camera lens, a Zuiko 35-105mm lens and an adaptor for the Lumix for some more distant shots.

A seat up a tree. Obviously a place where someone likes to regularly sit and enjoy the view.
Some landscapes just lend themselves to monochrome treatment.
Rotten old timber gate posts are a good subjects!
The old railway bridge with rust and peeling paint!
Farmyards are a good spot for old rusting machinery!
One of the herd of over friendly cows. The whole herd ended up following us across the field nudging us in the back!

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